Our Services

Rather than deliver “stock” services, EDA customizes every contract to serve the individual client.

Organizational Development

Leadership, governance, planning and fundraising

Effective Teams

Training, coaching, and intervention in community and conflict management to catalyze change

Parent & Teacher Coaching

Coaching to demystify difficult situations and reorient toward growth

What would most help you?


• Experiential Training:

lively training sessions that build staff capacity in creative teaching, communication, & conflict resolution 

• Program Development:

designing and implementing structural innovations and improvements

• Parent Coaching/Education:

demystifying the parenting of adolescents and building parenting skills through 1:1 sessions  & classes

• Organizational Change, Evaluation & Improvement:

facilitating assessment, planning and restructuring efforts to improve agency effectiveness 

• Workgroup Effectiveness:

providing process facilitation to improve workplace culture and relationships

• Teacher Professional Development:

training and coaching to help teachers better engage students and improve student performance


Rather than deliver “stock” services, we customize each contract to serve the individual client.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will prepare a proposal specifically to address them.  Initial consultations are always free!


Daniel assists in presenting work on ‘sensemaking’ relative to the war in Ukraine to colleagues at a professional retreat.


Daniel converses with an Indigenous leader while working on a project to foster healing and autonomy in a First Nation community.