What we can do for you…

• Experiential Training

lively training sessions that build staff capacity in creative teaching, communication, & conflict resolution 

• Program Development

designing and implementing structural innovations and improvements

• Parent Coaching/Education

demystifying the parenting of adolescents and building parenting skills through 1:1 sessions  & classes

• Organizational Change, Evaluation & Improvement

facilitating assessment, planning and restructuring efforts to improve agency effectiveness 

• Workgroup Effectiveness

providing process facilitation to improve workplace culture and relationships

• Teacher Professional Development

training and coaching to help teachers better engage students and improve student performance


Rather than deliver stock services, we customize each contract to serve the individual client.  So contact us to discuss your needs and we will prepare a proposal specifically to address them.

Notes on an Ecological Catastrophe

Notes on an Ecological Catastrophe

I spent a half hour this morning in the company of a hummingbird. This is unusual. Mostly I see hummingbirds zipping past on their way somewhere, flitting and probing from one flower to the next, or performing grand sweeping dives, chattering in pursuit of mates. But...

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Flowers, Food, and Faith

Flowers, Food, and Faith

The town of Ubud is like ice cream: It is a rich and wonderful place, but take in too much of it, and the pleasure disappears. On Valentine’s Day, I arose early and cruised Ubud seeking flowers and a latte for my sweetheart.

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Another Side of Bali

The final days of our time teaching English in Samasaman Village were quite enjoyable. We had developed a wonderful rapport with Intan, the resident teacher and a notably curious and bright individual. Having hired dozens of teachers over the years, I know what to...

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Getting to Know Bali

The girl pumping gas into our scooter couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11 years old, but she had a wonderful warm smile. And she actually pumped the gas using a hand-crank pump on a tiny stand that might have been made in the 1940’s. Nonetheless, we bought our two...

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A Visit to Borneo

Note: A change of scenery is often conducive to learning. The next few posts will contain stories and images of the author and his partner Lisa’s sojourn in Indonesia. The trip is largely educational and 're-creational,' though we also hope to contribute, however...

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Who Are We in the New Year?

We’re well into January now, and most of us are falling into the routines that will characterize life in 2018. (Maybe they’re the exact same as our 2017 routines!) We call this the “New Year,” although for diversity’s sake, it’s worth noting that there are a variety...

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Income Disparity and Economic Justice

A new tax bill stumbles its way through our deeply-divided Congress, moving toward enactment despite minimal expert testimony, limited disclosure of its contents, and no bipartisan support. There are dozens of things one could challenge about the content of the tax...

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Renewables: the ONLY economical form of energy?

For everyone working to stop pipelines, coal terminals, tar sands development, and oil tankers: There is excellent news emerging. A series of studies released in recent months points to a distinct and unmistakable pattern: Renewable energy is not only here to stay, it...

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Armistice Day

It’s the 11th of November, and I don’t know about you, but I took the traditional two minutes of silent reflection this morning at 11:00 am, local time. According to the century-old origin of this ritual silence, the first minute honors the 20 million people...

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A Closer Look at Design

Last week I went to the store for chocolate ice cream. Since there was a sale on a new brand, I decided to buy one carton of that brand, along with one of the brand I usually buy. The sale made them the exact same price. The two tubs were the same size, shape, and...

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